Printing & Framing

We can assure a high quality prints while we work with the most prestigious photo laboratories. Our limited edition photographs are printed on Hahnemühle artistic quality acid-free coated paper, using pigment inks that are stable to light over 100 years. The different finishes of the papers used have the highest color gamut of any photo medium and museum-grade archival properties; it’s simply one of the finest photographic papers available today. The limited editions prints can be purchased as print only or framed. Costa Brava Photography highly recommends fine art acrylic-glass face-mounting. With this method the image is mounted behind an acrylic plate before being glued on the Dibond. In addition to the increased durability, this method gives the images improved depth perception and vibrancy. All images mounted with acrylic can be hung directly on the wall without framing. Mounting hardware is included.



Costa Brava Photography is mainly focused on large format high quality fine art prints. The large format photography brings to you a unique experience, a sense of place that cannot be compared with standard prints. Although we specialized in large format prints, you can purchase prints (framed or not) in conventional sizes. The availability, the sizes and finishes can be checked on every single image in the Portfolio page. If you need a larger print you can contact with us via our Contact page.


To order any of our prints, please visit our Buy Print page, where you will be able to view all our photographs, organized in different categories. You can also use our search engine in order to find a picture by selecting specific keywords. Once your image is selected you will be able to choose the size and the versions you wish to purchase (print only or framed). The price will display automatically, and you will be able to add the Fine Print to your shopping cart, where shipping expenses will be calculated once you register and enter your country address where the Fine Print needs to be sent. The total order cost will be charged to your credit or debit card after checkout. We accept most of the credit cards. All card transactions are encrypted and conducted over secure servers by Photoshelter, providing one of the safest payment systems available today. Alternatibily you can purchase any print mailing us to Just contact us and we will be pleased to inform how to proceed in order to purchase a print that fits yours expectations. In both cases, when you purchase a print in Costa Brava Photography you will receive an electronic invoice of your order and also an information e-mail about your order status.