Costa Brava Photography

Borja Bouza is a freelance photographer based in Barcelona, deeply attracted by nature. Wildlife and landscapes have driven him to so many places in the world in order to catch a piece of the magic of Mother Nature: Asia, US, South America, Africa and Europe. After travelling around and as the times goes by, Borja realized that the beaches, the forests, the mountains where he used to spend his childhood, were plenty of beautiful places that were worthy photographing. For this reason, Borja decided in 2010 to create a collection of unique images of this dramatic piece of coast, where the winds, the mysterious colors of the rocks and the sea, draw a magical painting.

Costa Brava Photography is the result: a collection of moments, spaces, lights, colors and emotions captured and gather together in photographs by Borja Bouza. Several years of exploration, several years looking for the perfect light in order to make honor to the beauty of this dramatic landscape.

Borja has been awarded in the most european photo contest like European Wildlife Photographer of the year, Asferico photo contest, Montphoto, Memorial Maria Luisa and many others, you cant take a look to the awarded images on his website


The digital revolution. This is a phenomenon that have been empowered the people in order to take a good photo. These days huge DLSR can be seen everywhere, altho there are still big differences between cameras and lenses. And now the question… Your camera is really good, you should take very good pictures. Shouldn’t you?

Neither the megapixels count, neither the camera brand or model are criteria to ensure a good photograph.  But sometimes it could be a little difference that makes you to ‘take it’ or ‘not to take it’. For this reason, I use the best available photographic equipment. Here you are some of them.

Cameras: Hasselblad XPan, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EOS R

Lenses: Hasselblad 45 f/4, Canon 15 f/2.8, Canon 17-40 f/4, Canon 24-70 f/2.8, Canon 70/200 f/4, Canon 100 f/2.8 IS, Canon 400 f/2.8 IS

Other: ArcaSwiss stuff, Nodal Ninja stuff, Lee Filters, Canon and Nikon flashes.